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  1. June 05, 2016
    1. Site updates: IndieWeb Summit edition

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      This one time at IndieWebCamp…

      • I fixed an issue with the Jekyll command plugin that I’ve been using to create my posts, now they should be generated with proper timestamps.
      • I put together a little about page that I’ll fill in with more info real soon now, I promise.
      • @jfrndz is coming back to life… or just Twitter.
  2. May 07
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  4. May 03
    1. Site updates

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      Spent some time last night setting up this website. I’m excited to be online again.

      I’ve got my profile h-card on the front page and rel="author" links on my posts. Webmentions are set up through but I’m not sure how I’d like to handle incoming messages; so for the moment I’m just checking by hitting the API directly.

  5. April 27
    1. Brand New Congress

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      America needs an honest, accountable Congress to enact Bernie’s program. But trying to win each Congressional seat one-by-one is impossible. So let’s run one campaign to replace Congress all at once (except those already on board) that whips up the same enthusiasm, volunteerism and money as Bernie’s presidential campaign. One of the biggest take-aways from the Sanders campaign is that there is a progressive voting bloc in the United States that is organized enough to get voters to the polls. It might not be big enough to sway a presidental primary, but what about down ticket races with lower turnouts?

  6. April 18
    1. Dumb, Delusional… or Clever

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      Given the recent horrible incidents on our soil and abroad, it’s easy to understand the impetus for the bill. But if it were to pass in a form that’s close to the draft, we’d still have the incidents as well as a series of security accidents that would range from embarrassing to expensive and on to tragic. Perhaps then we’d make peace with mathematics and move back to sane, unbreakable encryption.

  7. April 17
    1. Let’s Encrypt

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      SSL certificates for every website as well as scripts that automatically install them to your web server. I’m using it on this website right now.

  8. April 14
  9. November 17, 2006
    1. live on (mt)

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      Everything looks like it switched over smoothly, and there’s even a fresh coat of paint. Hooray!