March 31, 2006

Now Open for Business

It’s good that I am getting to a lot of things on the “get-done-before-graduating” list, one of which was Open’s website, which has been on the backburner for way too long. This thing has existed for a pretty long time as a Mambo/Joomla skeleton with pictures of Donald Duck on the front page.

Open is becoming more active as of late, and having a serious web presence is now very important. One of the things that people really wanted out of the site was a place to show off pictures from a lot of the great events the club has held for the student body - especially this weekend’s charity drag show!

The other thing that I realized at the last candidate’s weekend is that Open’s web presence can serve to communicate to people outside of the college about Olin’s open and accepting community, especially to incoming students and prospectives. It’s a message that isn’t as loud and clear during the admissions process as I think it should be.

The WordPress platform was chosen for both of these reasons. I think it provides tools for the club to take a more proactive role in both promoting its accomplishments and communicating to people outside of Olin the kind of place it has played a part in making possible. I also chose it because its really friendly to write content for. Open will really be able to start producing content without worrying about technical details.